Our Friend Frances!

Frances Mayes, the renowned author of many Tuscan bestsellers and Fulvio Di Rosa have enjoyed many years of friendship. Frances has enjoyed following the restoration works of Borgo di Vagli throughout all its process and has shared many of our adventures in her books.

Excerpt from the best-selling book Bringing Tuscany Home by Frances Mayes – the author of Under the Tuscan Sun.

“As you leave the splendid Etruscan hilltown of Cortona, driving toward Borgo di Vagli, you quickly enter a wilder Tuscany. The groomed olive terraces surrounding the town gradually give way to a rugged landscape of chestnut and evergreen forests. [...]”

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Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes, Frances Mayes and Fulvio Di Rosa

Fulvio, The Visionaire

The history of Fulvio Di Rosa, architect, developer and great enthusiast of contemporary music and art, began more than 40 years ago in Rio de Janeiro.

As a young graduate from Turin Polytechnic, he was appointed by the commissioning party – FATA European Group – as the engineer in charge of liaising with the renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, to carry out the project of the group’s new head office building near Turin (one of Niemeyer’s most interesting and significant projects out of Brazil) [...]

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Architect Fulvio Di Rosa

Stefania, our Director

“I had the pleasure of meeting Fulvio for the first time in 2007, during a job interview, in the beautiful surroundings of Borgo di Sogna, one of Fulvio’s previous restorations, near my hometown of Monte San Savino.

I was immediately thrilled with the idea of being able to work in such a setting!

This wasn’t my first visit to Sogna, and the memories I have of the hamlet remain vivid from when my parents, brother and I used to walk around Sogna, when it was still a ruin, and in the surrounding hills in the early 90’s, on our Sundays afternoon outings. I used to try and imagine what it must have looked like [...]”

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Stefania Civitelli

Dina and I’cche c’è c’è

Memoirs of Dina by architect Fulvio Di Rosa.

“The first time I met Dina was 1990. She and her family were one of the few owners who still lived at the hamlet until the early 80’s. Actually, they used to live in what is now our largest residence.

We’ve been together many times since then, throughout the process of acquisition, designing and, finally, implementation of the project. Dina and her family were always helpful and never found anything too difficult or impossible [...]”

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Dina Fragai laughing